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Shine Alternative Fitness (or what we call ‘The Art of Fitness”), inspired by Dima Shine and Russ Petroni, was born from the idea of creating an alternative way to get fit. Russ and Dima came from performing arts backgrounds, which were the incubator of different emotions, passions and experiences. Shine Alternative Fitness is a combination of different physical exercises mixed with an artistic touch. The idea of alternative fitness is based on having a great time while improving your general well-being. You are not only improving your overall conditioning, but you are learning different skills, such as flexibility, strength, dance, etc… The unique approach of alternative fitness gives everyone a chance to be able to feel and experience what the artistic performing world is about. To touch, feel, understand and appreciate the natural gifts and abilities of the human body is the foundation of Shine Alternative Fitness. Alternative fitness is not just about how to get a great body. It’s about feeling beautiful and confident in oneself as well as being healthy. That is why Dima and Russ wanted to create a place for everybody of all ages and shapes. The goal of Shine Alternative Fitness is to encourage everyone to discover their own spirit through “the art of fitness”. We are happy to introduce you to a new way of fitness and much more…


- Let yourself shine!


Learn about Shine founders:




Russ L. Petron


Russell L. Petroni has been with Cirque du Soleil for 12 years and is currently serves as a Production Manager in Las Vegas. Throughout his career at Cirque du Soleil, Russ has been apart of several projects within the company such as the Assistant Company Manager of “Zaia” in Macau, “O” and “Zumanity”  in Las Vegas, as well as the Director of Lifestyle Projects, creating the department within the CdS’s Resident Shows Division. For five years he participated as a coach in Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque du Monde workshops working with youth at risk. Prior to joining Cirque, Russ was a professional musician and maintained a private flute studio. He subbed for ‘Phantom’ at the Venetian in Las Vegas, was a member of the Las Vegas Woodwind Quintet and performed with the Las Vegas Philharmonic. He received his Master of Music, Flute Performance, from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he was a student of Timothy Day.  His awards include: Winner of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Concerto Competition, Winner of the Festival Institute at Round Top Concerto Competition, First Place for the Reno Chamber Orchestra Concerto Competition, two-time winner of the UNLV Departmental Concerto Competition, voted UNLV’s Outstanding Graduating Senior in Music Performance, and Won the Outstanding Graduate Student in Woodwinds at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He was twice selected as a fellowship winner to participate in the International Festival Institute at Round Top, where he performed as Principal Flute. He has performed in master classes for well-known flutists such as Doriot Anthony Dwyer and Jean-Pierre Rampal. Former teachers include Bernard Z. Goldberg, and Damian Bursil-Hall. Russ’s next goal is to introduce people to the art of alternative fitness.





Dima Shine


Dima Shine is a solo artist at Cirque du Soleil’s production of Zumanity in Las Vegas, NV.  Previous to Zumanity, Dima was a featured act in Cirque du Soleil’s production of Banana Shpeel that toured in the United States and Canada. Prior to joining Cirque du Soleil, Dima was sought after as a guest artist to perform at various shows and special events throughout the world such as Royal Theatre Carre in Amsterdam, Cirque Phoenix in Paris, and the 400th Anniversary Celebrations of Quebec in Quebec City, Canada. Dima Shine has won many honors throughout his solo career including the festival in Paris “Cirque de Demain” where he received a Gold Medal and Prix de Publique, the “Latina Festival” in Italy, the Grenoble Festival and the Domont Festival in France. Before his solo career, Dima was a world champion in acrobatic sports with over 30 gold medals in his professional sport career. Dima’s next goal is to introduce people to the art of alternative fitness.