Recommended Attire: Short sleeve or long sleeve shirt (please no tank tops), yoga pants or capris. You will remove socks, shoes, and jewelry prior to class.


AntiGravity Fitness is ideal for the inversion enthusiast! This AntiGravity class will vary from the others in that the focus is more on the 'workout' element found in the technique. The zero compression inversions will still be present, while the meditative aspect will not. A student can expect to target major/minor muscle groups, improve their grip strength and hone in on their awareness of body form and positioning as it relates to the plumb line. There will be much more swinging and trick incorporation in this class.


Level: Novice

It is recommended that you take Intro to AntiGravity before taking this class.  Combining traditional yoga poses, aerial arts, calisthenics, pilates and dance while promoting agility, flexibility and muscular strength. Using a silk hammock as a soft trapeze for resistance and support, participants are suspended in the air for a full-body workout without the stress of holding and balancing challenging yoga poses.


Level: Novice, Intermediate

Intermediate level for those who have already mastered the basic skills and progressions of an AntiGravity Yoga open class. This class will explore more dynamic sequences, increasing the class flow and difficulty.


Level: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced

AntiGravity Yoga Restorative: “restore and repair” the body.
AntiGravity Yoga Restorative is the gentle, deep stretching, healing side of Antigravity Yoga. Quieting the mind, while floating the body through mid-air in a series of gentle gyro kinetic motions, (floating child’s pose, cocoon, floating cobra, royal pigeon, etc.). This class will begin with inversions, creating natural traction in the spine, and then the hammocks will be lowered to 10” above the ground, using the floor and the hammock for greater decompression and enhanced weight resistance.
This unique technique is accessible to all, including students with physical limitations, while being loved by endurance athletes alike as a portal to deeper spinal flexibility, and mind/body connection. Class is 75 minutes of spinal bliss ending in an extended floating Savasana.