Born into a circus family, Ginger has been on stage since she was two-years-old; by 11 she began pursuing a career as an aerialist. Ginger’s goals took her from her family’s circus school in Toronto Canada to Circus Chimera, Pop Circus, LA Circus, multiple television shows, films, industrial gigs, and music award shows. In 2002, Ginger landed a pivotal role as an aerialist for Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba. Since 2002 Ginger’s solo aerial silks act has been featured in four different shows with the iconic Cirque du Soleil where she also contributed as a coach and choreographer both on the shows and at international headquarters. Ginger has partnered with some of the finest coaches, choreographers and artistic directors in the world. She brings with her not only an eye for technical perfection but an artistic sensitivity, not many posses. Although she is best known for her work on the aerial silks, Ginger is a multidisciplinary artist, coach and acrobatic designer with a strong systematic approach and the ability to deliver dynamic content.