Who said working out can’t be fun! Fun, energetic, core-centered fitness exercises with a general focus on developing coordination, flexibility, creativity skills, balance and an over-all body awareness. Classes include Contemporary Ballet, Flexibility, Acro Balance, Handstands, Aerial Bootcamp, Contemporary Dance and Hula Hoop. These entertaining fitness classes are ideal for beginners and intermediate levels.





Specialty classes are designed to provoke clients to take fitness to a new level introducing health enthusiasts and everyday people to the varied fitness arts of Pole Dance Fitness 1, Pole Dance Fitness 2, Pole Dance Fitness 3, AntiGravity Fitness, AntiGravity Yoga Restorative, AntiGravity Yoga 1 and AntiGravity Yoga 2. You will get an amazing cardio and strength training full body workout through spinning, climbing, inverting while focusing on flexibility, core conditioning, arm strength, body awareness, body alignment and overall fitness. These classes present challenging, fun, effective fitness workouts designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. These techniques are designed and modified for the everyday person looking to add something new and fun to their workout routine.





Beginner Aerial Silks, Intermediate Aerial SilksAerial Silks All Levels and Beginner Aerial Hoop (Lyra). Besides having fun and feeling like a performer, you will develop upper body, core and grip strength, which will allow you to support your own weight on the silk or hoop. Additionally you will gain flexibility and body awareness through the positioning on the apparatus. For silks, you will use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions. Hoop or Lyra focuses on building strength and flexibility while learning how to flip, balance, roll, turn, and create transitioning combinations. Aerial workshops will help you gain a high degree of confidence, strength, power, flexibility, courage, and grace. Currently offering beginner, intermediate, and mixed level aerial classes.