Jamilla Deville is a pole original, a pioneer of the pole industry and the creator of the best-selling and multiple award-winning series The Art of Pole, which has "changed the game" for everyone from beginning to advanced instructors. From winning the Miss Pole Dance Australia Championships to releasing her groundbreaking series and creating her own studio in Sydney, Australia, to her work internationally today, Jamilla is a world-renowned touring instructor, winning Instructor of the Year three times (IPDFA, Pole Spin Magazine), and also Pro Poler of the Year (UPA).

Renowned for her strength, athleticism and grace as a performer, Jamilla’s understanding and mastery of such crucial elements of pole dancing as safety, body alignment, aerial fitness and balance set her apart as a leader in her field, making her offerings as an instructor invaluable to dancers the world over.

A multiple feature pole star at Pole Expo USA in the Showcase of the Stars as well as in POLE LEGENDS, a star of Mighty Grip and Merçville's The Pole Dancing Chronicles and featured athlete for CrossFit, Jamilla's legendary expertise and talent has inspired dancers the world over.