Victoria has been in the fitness industry since her teenage years 20+ years ago, starting out taking aerobics classes and soon after as an aerobics instructor herself. She has lived the fitness lifestyle ever since, always working out and being active, whether taking classes in the gym, at Shine Fitness, or weight training. Victoria also enjoys outdoor activities, from rock climbing and hiking, to anything else that challenges her physically. She even had a brief but highly successful period competing in fitness bikini competitions, earning her professional card in 3 different organizations.

She began taking cardio kickboxing classes 20 years ago, and 6 years ago became a certified “X-Treme Kickboxing” instructor, after which, she took over Shine’s “X-Treme Kickboxing” cardio class from its creator. She has a committed cult following of students dedicated to getting their butts kicked by her! She brings high energy and spirited personality to every class!